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OUI • MERCI, the story of an encounter between :

• Stephanie, peaceful mother and Instagrammer.  She enjoys immortalising the precious moments of her day to day, sharing these on her Instagram account @pomverte. Her speciality: texts - gentle, floral and poetic, the words - embellished, joyous and vibrant, her travels and the simple life on the countryside.

• & Jessica, sparkling graphic designer, impassioned by beautiful images, of nature and land.  Thanks to her work, the images become small integraged jewels on the dials of OUI • MERCI watches.


  • News
  • Chérie
  • Fleurette

    • Fleurette : Inspired by Stephanie’s floral and poetic images.  Uniquely feminine models with hints of colour and joy from the countryside.

  • Coquette
  • Bichette
  • Amourette

    • Amourette : Classic and timeless, with a twist :  A little illustration of nature, a butterfly, a leaf from Monstera.

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Showing 1 - 21 of 85 items